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RC Boats
RC Boat Start Up
Start up of an RC Boat

We remember that our boats are designed for use in fresh water.

Most radio control boats have a built-in safety system that does not allow the propellers to start up outside the water.

Therefore, we must put the boat in the water to test if it works correctly.

We will always keep any part of our body away from the propellers to avoid accidental contact.

It is important to make sure that the battery cover is properly fitted and with its tight seal to prevent water from entering the battery compartment.

We recommend testing it near the shore to check the range of the transmitter.

Sail RC Boat
RC Boat Sailing

We must ensure that the batteries are fully charged before putting the boat in the water, or in the case of carrying batteries, installing new batteries.

We will look for a comfortable place where we can leave the boat in the water and we can pilot it with the vision of it at all times, without any blind spots where we can lose control.

We will start near the coast in case there is any unforeseen possibility to recover the ship in an easy way.

First of all we will make ovals in both directions of rotation to check the necessary radius that we need to make them.

Then we can perform maneuvers in the form of "8" to get a better control of the boat.

We must have controlled the battery life at all times so we do not run out of power or control in some inaccessible place.

We must also check that there is no water inside the boat, after each stop, we must remove all the water that has entered the helmet and dry all the components to avoid possible breakdowns.

RC Boat Maintenance
How to maintain your RC Boat

It is very important to remember that our boat is designed for fresh water, avoiding rivers or similar with currents that can control our boat.

After each use, we will make sure that our boat is completely dry inside, we will check the battery caps if they are to be sealed.

We can dry all the parts with a dry cloth after each use.

In case of not using the boat for a few days, we will remove the batteries from it, and in case of carrying a battery, we should leave it charged always above 70% of its capacity, since the Lithium batteries can not remain empty.

Always use the charger supplied by the manufacturer to avoid problems.

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