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RC Helicopter Start Up
First steps with a RC Helicopter

Once we have the helicopter loaded and we have found a large place without drafts, we will be ready to fly.

We will place the helicopter on the ground about 2 meters in front of us, and with the tail facing us, we will start it, either by connecting the battery or with the switch in ON position depending on the model, then the lights should be flashing.

Next, we will put the station in gear, and with the lever on the left, we will make a movement up and down to synchronize it with the helicopter, at this time the lights should be fixed in gear.

Now is the time to start flying, we will start accelerating little by little until take off, and only regulating the lever on the left, we will try to keep the helicopter about 1 meter above the ground. We will repeat this maneuver about 10 times until controlling this movement.

The next exercise would be to keep the helicopter in height and start moving sideways with the lever on the right. At all times we will try to avoid getting closer to the walls and ceiling, since we will create turbulence and damage our control of the device.

Demonstration video

RC Helicopter Flying
Flying a RC Helicopter
To begin, we must find a place with enough space to maneuver if problems, always better an indoor site and without drafts, since these helicopters work much better in enclosed places.

We must bear in mind that helicopters are not loaded 100%, so we must load them with the charger that comes in the box before the first flight.

We must also be clear about how many channels our helicopter has:

-2 channels With the left lever of the transmitter we will control the accelerator and the height. With the right lever, we will control the direction of right and left, the helicopter will have a slight automatic advance.

-3 channels. With the left lever of the transmitter we will control the accelerator and the height. With the right lever, we will control the right and left direction, and also the forward and backward movement of the same.

It is important to read the manual of the product for all the information that the manufacturer can give us and that will be of our use.
RC Helicopter Maintenance
How to Maintain a Helicopter RC

It is very important to make a good maintenance of the helicopter, and even more of the batteries. The helicopter should be cleaned with a brush or dry cloth, without pressing too hard to avoid damaging the fuselage, dust particles can scratch it. The gears can have small stones or other particles between the teeth, with a tool that has the fine tip can be cleaned with a lot of patience, being entertained in doing it by checking all the teeth of each one of the crowns.

The propellers are plastic and with the blows given in flight and when stopped, they are damaged, it is necessary to keep them always in an optimal state for a good flight. Many of the helicopters have these spare parts to change them, if necessary, you must take into account that each helicopter has two propellers from each hand, we must be very attentive to put them in the correct position and look at how the series who equips our device.

We will also check that the axes are not twisted, if we notice vibrations in flight, it may be because some of the axles are not in good condition.

The batteries if they are not used in a few days, better leave them at half load. They are Lithium, so they require that maintenance to extend the life of the batteries as much as possible. Due to the use and poor maintenance they reduce the load drastically. If they run out of energy, we will run out of battery.

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