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First steps in Slot

In the first place we will look for a space as wide as possible that allows us to mount a good track. But we must be clear that we have fully modulable tracks, and that the size of the circuit we will decide at the same time to assemble, taking advantage of the maximum available space, and taking into account the number of tracks we have.

There are also circuit design programs that can help us with this task.

We must bear in mind that we will need a 220V power outlet, either with a plug nearby or approaching it with an extension cord.

Once the track is assembled, we will secure the elevated parts with the necessary bridges and trying to make the ascents as well as the descents as smooth as possible. We can place fences in the parts of the track where we can avoid some involuntary accident of our cars.

Now it's time to connect the controls, you always have to make sure that everything is properly connected, and then the transformer.
And now it is ready to put the cars and start running on the track!

Slot Driving
Slot Car Driving
Learning to drive a slot car is something easy and intuitive, and most things you can learn in the home circuit.
It is important to adapt to a car to start, and start circling the path that we have, and start to take advantage of the lines that have the circuit to go at maximum speed.
After we start to practice braking in the corners, depending on the radius of the same, in the slow curves we will leave the trigger without any accelerator to take advantage of the brake effect, instead in the fast corners, we will try to release the trigger very little and take advantage of the inertia of the speed we carry on the straight to pass as fast as possible through the curve.
It seems easy, and it is, but we will have to go around the circuit a lot to improve our times and enjoy it to the fullest.
After a certain time with the same car, we will start to try other vehicles to test engine differences, tires, center of gravity, ... there are many variants that make each car requires specific driving.
And finally, we will start to try different circuits, either at home or in the Slot Clubs that we will surely find close to home.
Slot Maintenance
How to Maintain the tracks
Make sure that no metal objects come into contact with the two metal rails at the same time.
Otherwise, a short circuit could occur.
Do not place the circuit in an extremely hot or cold, dusty, dirty or very humid place, it could damage it. Also, do not ride in a place where the sun affects it directly.
Keep the circuit clean, but never use abrasive products that can damage the plating of the metal rails. Pass a cloth of cotton with alcohol in the metallic parts. For plastic parts, we can pass a conventional vacuum cleaner.
NINCO has the widest range of tracks on the market, allowing you to expand and modify any type of layout and adapt it to the needs of the user
How to maintain a Slot Car
NINCO cars are ready to put on the track.
We recommend for all cars, to place the braids with a small curve in the back (Fig.1), for a better contact with the track, especially in the parts of the track that are not flat due to bridges or flush.
We must check the wear of the braids and change them if necessary (Fig.2)
We must check tire wear regularly.
To improve performance and prevent wear, we should periodically lubricate the bearings and crowns (Fig.3) of our vehicles. Some lubricants can damage some parts of the car, so we recommend using specific lubricants for modeling.
We will periodically check that the engine and the rear axle fit perfectly into the passenger compartment.
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